We are a group of PhD students and early career researchers from universities across the UK. Our research interests cover a wide range of topics,  but we find that there is a common theme in our research – Money, Security and Social Policy.

What the MSSP network is about

The primary aim is to create a network of early career researchers whose research focuses on the areas of money, security and social policy. The network will be for and led by postgraduate students and early career researchers from academic institutions from the UK and further afield. The network facilitates the sharing of ideas, knowledge and research across academic institutions in the UK and beyond. We organise events and seminars regularly to discuss our research in money, security and social policy as well as methodological challenges and ethical considerations we face.

We promote a non-hierarchical, supportive and inclusive environment. Our events and seminars have a strong discussion element where earlier career researchers are encouraged to be highly interactive.

We also receive support from our ‘mentors’ in the network. They are senior academics and experienced researchers in social policy research, with a particular interest in money, security and social policy. Our mentors are a source of advice and support on topics ranging from research design to career development.